Monday, September 30, 2013

What Home, Mommy?

I knew God was leading me to the right book for this period in my life when I started reading Proverbs.  Like I stated before, we are currently in a season where everything we once knew is in complete upheaval.  Thankfully, nothing drastic or traumatic, just a time of transition and changes for the better.

We sold the only home our children have ever known and are currently living in the basement of my husband's parents and today on our way home from preschool, I told my youngest daughter we would each lunch at home.  She asked, "What home, Mommy?"  Now, I don't think she was saying this as we have no home, but more asking which house is home.  I can completely see how she is confused.  We have the "old" house, grandma and grandpa's house, and the "new" house (the one we are building).  I have to keep reminding the kids that, right now, our home is grandma and grandpa's house.

Upheaval and confusion.

So, the words of wisdom and reassurance in Proverbs are such a foothold for me right now.  A reminder that my true home is always with Christ.  That if I seek Him and His wisdom I will always be headed the correct way.  3:23-26a "They [common sense and discernment] will keep you safe on your way and your feet will not stumble.  You can go to bed without fear; you will lie down and sleep soundly.... for the Lord is your security."

The Lord is my SECURITY.  The LORD is my security.  All the consistency I need in a life of changes and new surroundings and situations.

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