Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Seeking Wisdom

Proverbs 4:7 says "Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do."  Seems pretty simple and redundant, yes?  But I am a firm believer that if God repeats Himself, we had better listen.  Of course, He seems to repeat Himself quite frequently to me on certain topics that I have a hard time getting through my thick skull.  He finds many ways to do so as well, Bible verses I read, a sermon at church, a devotional that comes in my email or Facebook.  So many ways to reach me, and yet it doesn't always sink in.

So, reading on to gain this wisdom to make me wise I am realizing He tells me to seek this and not that, to live this way and not that, but "surprisingly" the direct wisdom I seek, such as how to organize my life when I am living out of boxes in a basement or how to discipline my almost 4-year-old who can't seem to listen to "No" or "Stop" without a huge drama production aren't written in there.  Big surprise, right?

But, God knows that is not what we need.  We don't need the "easy button."  If we had it, we wouldn't need Him.

I often find myself thinking, "I really need to get in touch with so-and-so because I know she has all this discipline stuff down," or "I need to call this person for advice on how to live in your in-laws basement because she had to do it too," instead of falling on my knees and seeking the true wisdom I need.

Now, God does give us mentors and friends with advice and experience to help pass on His wisdom, no doubt, and they are invaluable.  But, if I find myself seeking these resources above wisdom from Him, I am starting in the wrong place.   God may not give me direct answers or suggestions like my friends can, but God knows my child.  He knows my situation and can lead me to what is best for my family.  All my friends can do is share their advice and experiences which will definitely vary from mine, so I will need to adjust for my specific situation.

I guess the wisdom I gained today reminds me to seek Him first, not after the fact.  Ask Him to show me the answer or the way to go when I initially face the situation and then if that means turning to a friend or mentor for advice as well, that is where I go.

That being said, if anyone has any advice to pass on concerning the aforementioned issues, I am more than open to take them.  I have been praying about them (especially the discipline) for quite some time and still have yet to figure it out. 

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