Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Relating to Thousands of Years Ago

I have a lot of "Bible Study" books on my plate right now.  One of them is "Known and Loved" by Caryn Rivadeneira.  It is a devotional through the Psalms and is quite fabulous.  I am reading it with my MOPS Steering Team.  

The opening is something I have thought many times as I read through the Bible, really anywhere, but I loved how well she put it into words.  

"Whether you've read through the Bible many times, never picked it up before, or anywhere in between, you'll find that spending time in the psalms always nourishes us, feeds us.  Sometimes in clear-cut, obvious ways, sometimes through the totally unexpected.  Especially since these words were written three thousand years ago by people whose lives looked little like our own.  And yet, the aches, the longings, the questions, and the worship - all the human experience - remain the same.  Remarkable, really."

I find it amazing, really, how much we can actually relate to the people who lived when these God-inspired words were penned.  Their lives looked nothing like ours today, but how we feel and experience it, the struggles and joys, remain the same.  

It challenges me to look at what I am reading in a different light.  To not see the exact scenario, but to think about how I experience something similar in current times.  To think more about their thoughts and feelings over the actual events.  Its all about what God has to teach me through the lessons learned and feeling felt and how I can relate to the person involved.

And really, this is applicable for the entire Bible, not just the psalms.

Good things to remember.

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