Friday, February 28, 2014

Making it Too Hard

Ok, so the evidence is obvious that I have been doing a pretty crummy job of getting into God's Word lately.  Its been evident in my attitude (sadly) and on here since I never take the time to journal about what I have been reading even when I pick up my Bible.

Last night at my Bible Study while reading in Ephesian 6 about putting on God's armor, however, God spoke to me.  Why do we think reading His Word is so hard?  Why do I think that I don't have time for it?  But yet, I have time to do pointless reading on my phone or Facebook or all those other things I consider "easy reading".  It is obvious in these verses that a huge part of God armor is knowing what He teaches us through His Word.

I talk myself out of reading my Bible because I think it is going to take a lot of effort, a lot of thinking and processing, and a lot of time.  But all of these things do not have to be true.  We were discussing these excuses last night as a group of women and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to stop thinking these things.  Even if I only have 5 minutes, if I stop to read in my Bible instead of on my phone, computer or that fiction book I started, God will use that time to help me.  I can treat it as "mindless" reading, but God can still use that time to teach me, to show me His ways, to encourage me. 

And, heck, if I start it off as an easy 5 minute read and get dug in for 20 with so much insight I can't help but journal about it, Glory to Him!  That is how He will choose to use that time with me. 

Five minutes of "mindless" reading in my Bible has got to benefit me a whole lot more than five minutes of reading junk on Facebook!

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